Talk by Amb Kanwal Sibal (Former Foreign Secretary) on "Why the Anti-CAA Protesters are Wrong" on Saturday, 22nd February 2020 at 6 PM, Board Room, SPMRF, 9, Ashoka Road, New Delhi

Salient points of PM Modi Address in the Parliament

  • Today, I have specially come before all of you to share information pertaining to a very important and historic subject.
  • This subject is as close to the heart of crores of our fellow brothers and sisters as it is to me. And I feel honoured to speak about this.
  • This subject is connected to Shri Ram Janm Bhoomi, and is about construction of a magnificent temple of Bhagwan Shri Ram at his birth place at Ayodhya.
  • On 9thNovember 2019, I was in Punjab for dedicating the Kartarpur Sahib corridor to the nation on the occasion of the 550th Prakash Parvof Guru Nanakdev Ji. It was in this divine environment, that I came to know about the historical judgment of Highest Court of the country on the subject of Ram Janm Bhoomi.
  • In this judgement, the Hon’ble Supreme Court decided that the Inner and Outer Courtyard of the disputed land in Ramjanm Bhoomi belongs to Bhagwan Shri Ram LallaVirajman.
  • The Hon’ble Supreme Court, in their judgement, had also stated that the Central Government and the State Government, in consultation with each other, will allot 5 acres of land to the Sunni Central Waqf Board.
  • Today, I am very happy to share with this august house and the entire country that the Union Cabinet in its meeting held this morning has taken important decisions on this issue, keeping in mind the directions of the Supreme Court.
  • In accordance with directions of the Supreme Court, my Government has prepared a detailed scheme for construction of a magnificent temple of Bhagwan Shri Ram at his birth place and other connected matters.
  • As per the orders of the Supreme Court, a proposal for setting up of an autonomous trust – “Shri Ram Janm bhoomi Teerth Kshetra” has been passed.
  • This Trust will have full autonomy to construct a magnificent and divine Shri Ram Temple at the birth place of Bhagwan Shri Ram in Ayodhya and take decisions on matters connected with it.
  • In accordance with the directions of the Hon’ble Supreme Court and after detailed consultations and deliberations, the Uttar Pradesh Government was requested to allot 5 acres of land to the Sunni Central Waqf Board. The State Government has also consented to this.
  • We are well acquainted with the divine greatness of Bhagwan Shri Ram, the historical context of Ayodhya and the piousness of Ayodhya Dham, all of which are integral to the soul, ideals and morals of India.
  • Keeping in view the construction of a magnificent temple of Bhagwan Shri Ram in Ayodhya, the number of pilgrims who come for Darshan of Ram Lalla presently and all those that will come in future, and considering their emotions, one more important decision has been taken by the Government.
  • My Government has taken a decision to vest the entire land acquired under the Ayodhya Act, which is nearly 67.703 Acres, including the inner and outer courtyard, in the newly set up trust – “Shri Ram Janm bhoomi Teerth Kshetra”.
  • The people of India had displayed great maturity by having full faith in our democratic systems after the verdict on Ram Janm Bhoomi was delivered on 9th November, 2019.
  • Today in the house, I salute this mature behavior of our fellow citizens.
  • Our culture and our traditions bestow uponus the philosophy of “Vasudhev Kutumbkam” and “Sarve Bavantu Sukhinah” and inspire us to move ahead with this spirit.
  • People of all faiths in India, whether they are Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs, Christians, Buddhists, Parsisor Jains, are all members of onelarge family.
  • My Government is moving ahead with the mantra of “SabkaSath, SabkaVikas and SabkaVishwas” so that every member of this family develops, remains happy and healthy, becomes prosperous and the country progresses.
  • At this momentous juncture, I call upon all members of this august house to join together in one voice to support the renovation of Sri Ram Dham at Ayodhya and construction of a magnificent Ram Temple.

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